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Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change on Voting Bill – Schumer

Two days before the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol anniversary, Majority Leader announced that the Senate would vote on easing filibuster rules to advance stalled voting legislation.

Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change on Voting Bill – Chuck Schumer

Some days before the 6th January attack anniversary on the United States Capitol, Chuck Schumer, the Majority Leader, announced that the Senate will vote soon on relaxing filibuster rules to advance delayed voting bill that Democratic leaders say is necessary to protect the democracy of America.

In a Monday letter to colleagues, the majority leader said the Senate must develop and will discuss and consider the rule changes by 17th January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as the Democratic Party seeks to overcome GOP opposition to their elections law package. Schumer wrote that 6th January was a sign of an extended illness – an effort to invalidate the election process of the United States. Moreover, the Senate must advance universal democracy reforms to fix the country, or else the events of that day will not be an irregularity – they will be the new norm.

The voting and election rights package postponed after the evenly split Senate voting of 50-50; GOP-led filibuster blocked it with Democratic leaders unable to fit the sixty votes needed to advance it toward approval. So far, Democratic leaders themselves are not settled over possible changes to the rules of the U.S. Senate to cut the sixty-vote hurdle, despite several months of private dialogs.

Changes to the Senate Rules

Two holdout Democratic leaders, Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin, have tried to alert their party off changes to the Senate rules, claiming that if and when GOP representatives take majority control of the chamber, they can then use the lower voting limit to advance bills Democratic leaders strongly oppose.

Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change on Voting Bill – Schumer
Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change on Voting Bill – Schumer
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Joe Biden, the United States President, waded only prudently into the negotiations. This former longtime senator mainly stands by current rules but is also under gigantic political pressure to break the deadlock on the voting law. The voting rights supporters warn that GOP-led states are approving restrictive legislation and trying to install election officials faithful to the ex-Republican President Donald Trump in ways that could undermine future elections.

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