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U.S President extends restrictions on immigration and Visas

On Thursday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, extended restrictions on immigration and visas that allow immigrants to work provisionally in the country. The president extended the restrictions through 31st March, two months after he will leave the White House. The extension of the restrictions, which comes with just twenty days left in Trump’s Trump, are the latest efforts to restrict the entry of immigrants to the U.S.

Restricting immigration from the Trump administration was its main focus since its initial days when it announced a travel ban in seven Muslim-majority countries. Moreover, it continued into the president’s last year in office as the White House uses the COVID-19 pandemic as cover. Donald Trump signed an immigration declaration in April 2020 to target people outside of the United States intending to migrate to America, with some exceptions legally.

Furthermore, the White House extended the order in June until the end of 2020, and it further expanded to some guest worker visas. According to the Thursday announcement of Trump, the effects of coronavirus on the United States labor market, and on the health of the U.S. communities is a matter of ongoing national concern. The Present number of new daily cases globally reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) is greater than the comparable number present during June. However, vaccines and therapeutics are now available for a growing number of Americans; their effect on the labor market and public health has not been entirely understood.

U.S President extends restrictions on immigration and Visas
U.S President extends restrictions on immigration and Visas
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Trump cites COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the labor market

Mentioning the continuous impact of the pandemic on the job market as the reason for the restrictions contradicts the campaign trail refrain of the president that the United States was rounding the turn of the coronavirus and his continuous rhetoric that the United States did a good job handling the pandemic – even as the nation continues to set new daily records for hospitalization and deaths.

The message of the declaration about the economy is also contrary to Trump. On Twitter, Trump touted the growth of the United States economy in a video. Moreover, he expressed about the unemployment rate and said the number is increasing than the current 6.7%. CNN previously reported that one of the key people behind the move to limit immigration had been Stephen Miller, the lead immigration adviser of Trump and the architect of the hardline immigration agenda of the President.

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