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US Southern Border Crossings hit Record Levels in April

American immigration agents caught around 179000 individuals trying to cross the US-Mexico border in April

According to the latest Customs & Border Protection (CBP) reports, American immigration agents caught around one lac and seventy-nine thousand individuals trying to cross the United States-Mexico border last month, the largest figure in the previous few decades. On the other side, arrests increased only three percent from March, ending many months of double-digit jumps.

Moreover, the arrests at the border hit the highest number since at least the early 2000s, and they were up sixty-three percent from April 2019 and over tenfold from April 2020. Arrests dropped after former U.S. President Donald Trump started instantly expelling the immigrants the last spring.

More than sixty percent of the arrestees of last month were single adults, most of them hailing from Mexico – the huge majority of single adults expelled to the second side of the border within some hours because American President Joe Biden partially continued the controversial expulsion rule of his predecessor.

Furthermore, the number of under custody unaccompanied minors plumped from an all-time high of eighteen thousand, nine hundred and sixty in March 2021 to around seventeen thousand, one hundred and seventy-one in the previous month, revealing some pressure on an overburdened national shelter system.

Surprising Figures of Illegal migrants and Arrests

In April, authorities arrested more than fifty thousand migrants after crossing the border with their families, a decline of around four thousand from March, but some families caught last month were released into the U.S. until their day in court arrives. Troy Miller, the CBP acting head, stated that Customs and Border Protection continues to see an enormous flood of illegal migration at the Southwest Border.

The arrest figures reported last month are probably much greater than the actual number of people who tried to cross the American border. After the U.S. government began expelling border-crossing migrants within some hours of their arrest in 2020, the rate of repeat lawbreakers rose. In April, twenty-nine percent of all immigrants whom authorities expelled them from the country had unsuccessfully tried to cross the U.S. border at least one other time, according to the statistics from CBP spokesman Nate Peeters.

US Southern Border Crossings hit Record Levels in April, around 179,000
US Southern Border Crossings hit Record Levels in April, around 179,000 Migrants
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As of Monday, 21124 unaccompanied migrant children were in the United States custody. Moreover, the number of minors crossing the Mexico-U.S. border climbed this year. Joe Biden ended the former president’s strategy of instantly expelling them, forcing the central government to immediately find a way to house huge numbers of migrant children.

Biden Administration Blamed the Border Surge on Seasonal Trends and Poverty

During the initial months of the Biden government, several migrant children remained in crowded Border Patrol facilities. However, since then, the massive majority transferred to provisional shelters head by the Department of Health & Human Services. Border crossings started moving slowly in 2020 and instantly jumped at the start of this year, extending the resources of migration agencies and causing some representatives to warn of a growing crisis.

Further, the Biden government blamed the rise on seasonal trends along with violence and poverty in Central America, but some critics of the Republican party claim that more individuals are making the disturbing hike to the United States-Mexico border because the president promised to reverse several hard-hitting immigration policies of Trump.

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