Home Updates US will Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghans – Taliban

US will Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghans – Taliban

Taliban said that America has agreed to provide humanitarian support to a desperately poor Afghanistan on the brink of an economic disaster

The United States will Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghans – Taliban

On Sunday, the Taliban leaders said that the United States settled to provide humanitarian aid to Afghan people on the edge of an economic disaster, while it refused to give political recognition to the new Taliban rulers of the country. Moreover, the Taliban released the statement at the end of the first direct negotiations between the ex-rivals since the American troops’ withdrawal at the August end.

On the other hand, the United States statement was less conclusive, saying only that both sides discussed the U.S.’ provision of strong humanitarian assistance, directly to the people of Afghan. According to Taliban officials, the dialogs held in Doha, Qatar, went well with the U.S. making available humanitarian support to the people of Afghanistan after settling not to link such aid to official recognition of the Taliban government.

However, the U.S. made it clear that the dialogs were in no way an offer to recognition of the Taliban, who seizure Kabul on 15th August after the United States-backed government collapsed. Ned Price, the spokesperson of the State Department called the talks candid and professional with the United States side reiterating that they will judge the insurgents on their actions, not only their words.

In a statement, Ned said that the American delegation focused on terrorism and security concerns and safe way for Americans, other foreign citizens, and U.S. Afghan partners, as well as on human rights such as the meaningful participation of girls and women in all aspects of the country.

Taliban Committed to Protect Afghan Soil from Terrorists and Extremists

Suhail Shaheen, the political spokesperson of the Taliban said that the interim foreign minister of the Taliban government assured the United States during the discussions that the Taliban has a commitment that the Afghan soil will not be used by extremists and terrorists to launch terror attacks against other nations. However, on Sunday, the Taliban leaders rejected cooperation with the U.S. on containing the increasingly active IS group in the country.

Suicide Attack in the Northeastern Kunduz Province

Islamic State is a rival group of the Taliban, claimed responsibility for last several attacks in Afghanistan, including the Friday mosque’s suicide attack that killed forty-six minority Shi’ite Muslim worshippers. While the U.S. considers IS its greatest threat originating from Afghanistan. A senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies agreed the insurgents don’t need the help of the U.S. to track down and destroy IS affiliate Afghanistan, known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP).

US will Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghans – Taliban
The United States will Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghans – Taliban
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Roggio said the Taliban fought twenty years to eject Washington, and the concluding thing it needs is the return of the United States. It also does not need the help of the U.S. The Taliban leaders have to conduct the time-consuming task of eradicating ISKP cells and their limited setup. It has all the tools and knowledge it needs to do it.

It doesn’t have the advantage of safe havens in Iran and Pakistan that the Taliban had in its fight against the U.S. However, he threatened that the longtime support of the Taliban for al-Qaida makes them untrustworthy as counterterrorism allies with the U.S. The insurgents gave refuge to al-Qaida before it carried out the 2001 9/11 attacks. Those attacks prompted the 2001 American invasion of Afghanistan that drove the insurgents from power.

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